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Move On

Move On


Juana Everett knows a thing or two about moving on. Whether it’s leaving a broken relationship, a treasured punk rock band, or her beloved hometown of Madrid, Spain, Juana is all too familiar with starting from scratch.

Her first folk-steeped EP “Golden Hearts”, quickly received airtime on national radio stations, and earned Juana an opening spot for bands like Cracker and Nicki Bluhm.

After a few years gigging in Spain and fresh out of a rough a breakup, Everett packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles, seeking new influences and experiences.

Her first album “Move On” (January 2021) marks Juana’s true arrival as an artist. She wrote most of the songs during her move to the West Coast, capturing her emotions in a period of intense change, something that resonates with all of us living in these uncertain times.

Singles like “Drifter of Love”, “Free as a Bird” and “Little Tragedies” are proof of how her unfiltered vulnerability can pull you into her world as she tells true life tales. Her genuine vocals pair with honest songwriting like a pick goes with a guitar.


Little Tragedies

Drifter of Love

Free as a Bird

Fake Love

Juana Everett music video

Together Fun

Juana Everett music singer

Not You

Juana Everett music singer

Golden Hearts


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